Frankie Miller FANTASTIC new 2016 album 'Double Take'

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Frankie Miller FANTASTIC new 2016 album 'Double Take'

Postby studioman » Mon Dec 26, 2016 1:09 pm

Frankie was in the news in '94 when he suffered a brain heamorrhage, and I thought he'd gone. Apparently he was in a coma for 5 months and since then has been largely unable to speak or walk easily, or use his right hand at all. His family and friends didn't even know if he could understand what they were saying, because all he could say is a gruff Glaswegian 'Aye' through a cheeky smile. But one day somebody placed a guitar neck near his left hand and said'Play a C-Chord, Frankie, and he did. They realised he still had his musical will but was unable to express it.

He is clearly thankful to be alive, and a disabled musicians' charity helps him, but he can't play or tour any more, so he and his partner had hit hard times, financially, a long time ago.
Frankie had always been a prolific song writer, sometimes coming up with one a day.
At one point in the last year or so, Rod Stewart asked if there where any of Frankie's songs that he may not have heard. David Mackay, who had produced many of Frankie's biggest hits, said he would find out, so Richard Allen, John Parr's engineer, visited Frankie and was given a carrier bag full of assorted cassettes, ADAT tapes, reel to reel and Porta Studio tapes, all of which needed a specific machine to play them; and all of which were obsolete and skipped years ago by the digital revolution....
Richard searched second hand shops, cash converters and eBay until he found all the machines he needed to play the tapes. That's when the magic began.
It was a collection of demoes of varying quality, but the one thing that stood out was Frankie's incredible voice and a bunch of terrific songs. With some delicate editing Richard was able to retrieve Frankie's raw vocals which he then delivered to David.....
David now had pristine recordings of Frankie's voice. In the normal recording process the vocal is the last track to be cut on a record but in this case it was going to be the reverse.
It began with old friend Bonnie Tyler, then Kiki Dee came aboard, John Parr added my vocal which was poignantly recorded at Somewhere in Yorkshire and then things just exploded....Elton John cut a track then Rod Stewart, Willie Nelson, Kid Rock, Joe Walsh, Paul Carrack and an avalanche of some of the worlds greatest singers joined forces for the love of singing with Frankie on this timeless album.
Joe Walsh and Billy Connolly host the Ian Stuart Lynn film that tells Frankie's. story and follows the historic journey of the making of this record. The album is entitled ,"Double Take" though "buried treasure " may be more apt.
Buy the CD and DVD version of 'Double Take' for around a tenner. I doubt that you'll regret it. The music is great, played by a host of stars, beautifully recorded, and the film is a great tribute. And you'll help the cause.

Also watch this moving BBC documentary about Frankie:
They say if you can remember the 60's, you weren't really there. Now somehow I have reached 63...oh shit, it's 64 now....How and when did THAT happen?....there's a lesson there somewhere if only I could figure it out...

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