Terry's kit rack and new 40's

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Re: Terry's kit rack and new 40's

Postby Terry » Wed May 07, 2014 9:12 pm

Hi Everyone, thought I'd drop a few words on my latest upgrade :)

Those of you who have read my system thread will be aware I now use a DSpeaker 2.0 Dual Core anti-mode and am very pleased with what it does. Just to recap I use all the functions of it; DSP, DAC and pre-amp, even now still think it's a great box of tricks. Well recently I got to wondering if it was possible to squeeze even more performance out of it. So started doing a bit of net surfing on the benefits of junking wall wart bricks and upgrading to a dedicated linear PSU. All indications and reading was positive with respect to DAC's responding very favourable to having their own clean DC supply. Armed with this insight I thought I'd take the plunge and see what was around at a sensible cost. It didn't take long before the main suspects, some of you may already be aware of; Teddy Pardo, Mains Cables R Us etc came up. I read lots of the reviews which showed everyone who had upgraded spoke highly of their purchase. I was actually about to pull the trigger on a Teddy, but then a link took me to a company called Custom HiFi Cables Ltd, link is here http://www.custom-hifi-cables.co.uk This company is in Leeds and run by Sean Jacobs. It's well worth a look at Sean's site and what he has to offer. To cut it short I decided to e-mail Sean about the specific details of one of his PSU's. The DSpeaker anti-mode wasn't specifically listed on his site with respect to him having a ready to go PSU. It actually turned out it needs 1.9A continuous. Sean's listed model the DC2 could output 1.5A continuous. But in the e-mail exchange he informed me of his latest DC3 he had developed. It had just gone into production and was about to go on sale. With an additional optional boost module it could output 5A continuous. What I liked was Sean's professional and responsive approach to advise and answer my questions. Although his DC3 fitted my needs he would have been more than happy to tailor make if required. Personal service is not often forth coming nowadays :D

Anyway I decided to order one of the DC3's with the booster module fitted. It took about ten days, but was delivered about 6 weeks ago now. It weighs a ton, the transformer must be the diameter of a dinner plate :shock: You can see the size of the enclosure next to my 405's in the pic's. I've waited until now and resisted posting this until it had a good few hours on it. Albeit from the initial set-up and switch on the improvement was obvious. The increased dynamics were one of the immediate things I noticed, along with more spacial awareness around each note and individual instrument. As time has gone on it has just got better. Things you didn't note straight away, such as the bass is cleaner and tighter the increased focus and depth of the soundstage. If I had to capture and describe what it has done in one sentence; it would be that another layer has been stripped off the music with an extra increased level of realism and detail.

So overall a very positive upgrade to my system and another move in the right direction. Anyone considering or contemplating anything similar I would highly recommend it....and to also give Sean at Custom HiFi Cables a go :D

.....some pic's





Terry :D
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Re: Terry's kit rack and new 40's

Postby MattSPL » Wed May 07, 2014 10:55 pm

Hi Terry

That looks like a great upgrade. There is a lot to be said for a good power supply. The dual core 2.0 looks like a great bit of kit.

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