Nintendo going 3D

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Nintendo going 3D

Postby brolly727 » Wed Mar 24, 2010 10:51 am

Hello all,

As some of you might be aware Nintendo have announced they are making yet another DS and this time it will be a 3D gaming experience..... But hold... thats not the punch line. It'll be 3D but without the need of the silly glasses. Very interesting move. I know people are a bit fed up with the Wii but no one can doubt its run away success its more than double the number of xbox 360's in the world and that not even counting the phenomenon that is the DS.

I wonder what opinions other people have on this as i'm sure this again will revolutionize gaming just as the Wii and DS have done. I like the Wii but i feel lots of other publishers jumped on its success and created lots of rubbish and now it has a reputation for rubbish games compared to A star games. Personally i think this is a great move as when they make the successor to the Wii they can then go for 3D and HD together. Who knows...

Anyone else looking forward to this?

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