Westwick 2 kW balanced power conditioner

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Westwick 2 kW balanced power conditioner

Postby Simon C » Sun Nov 17, 2013 7:18 pm

This is a Westwick 2 kVA balanced power supply for domestic or studio use. It comes with a screened captive 2 m mains lead and MK plug. On the rear are 2 x UK mains sockets, 1 x Schuko mains socket, and 5 x Neutrik PowerCon sockets. The core of each unit is a precision wound oversize toroidal transformer with unusual characteristics and a very accurate secondary centre tap. Comprehensive internal component, supply and load protection is incorporated to ensure the final system is even safer than a conventional unbalanced supply system. I believe the transformer is made by Plitron. The dimensions of the unit are 26 (w) x 16 (h) x 38 (d). It is very quiet (I couldn't hear any hum until my ears were a couple of inches from the case). The spec sheet of the conditioner can be found here:


I can send photos of the supply to anyone interested.

Balanced power supplies, which provide equal and out of phase voltages on 'live' and 'neutral' lines, have been used for their noise cancellation and improved earthing characteristics in music studios since at least the early 1990s. They are becoming popular in a domestic setting for hi-fi and video, and I would not be without mine. I found the improvement in sound quality to be rather shocking (banishing digital glare or brightness, yet at the same time improving the rendition of detail).

Westwick's main business is the electrical wiring of music studios, with customers including Mark Knopfler and Dave Gilmour. For example, The Sanctuary (Battersea) uses an 4 kVA balanced power unit of theirs. Here is a
quotation from The Sanctuary's owners in a Sound on Sound article:

“We have a Westwick 4kVA balanced power transformer. We didn’t want to believe it would make a difference, but we had it on demo for a few weeks, and when Robert from Westwick came to pick it up again, we wouldn’t let him. The difference it made to our recordings was very noticeable, and we did blind tests on playing back certain material — it’s like the difference between good converters and bad converters. The difference was evident in reverb tails and better imaging, and it also solved some noise issues we had with guitar amps.”

The price of the Westwick B2000 new is 2994 GBP inc. VAT, and I also paid a couple of hundred extra to have the Neutrik sockets added to the back panel. (If you have special mains leads, I think most suppliers - certainly Chord Cable for example - are happy to terminate them with Neutrik plugs.)

This unit is new. The reason for the sale is a long story, but it involves another supplier who took so long to send their balanced supply to me that I gave up waiting and bought the Westwick. Shortly after that the first supplier came good, so I ended up with 2 x 2 kVAunits. I don't need both!

The unit is heavy - about 70 lbs. I live in Norfolk, so I realize a personal pickup of the conditioner is unlikely. However, I do have the original packaging so shipping shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Offers (and/or questions) please!

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Re: Westwick 2 kW balanced power conditioner

Postby SteveH » Tue Apr 15, 2014 7:16 pm

hello, can you please tell me if the westwick 2 kw is still available and the price? would it be ok to use with ATC100 ASL loudspeakers?
regards, steve.

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