SCM 11s and Sugden A21

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SCM 11s and Sugden A21

Postby bkelly » Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:02 pm

Reading the power recommendations for 11s would a Sugden A21 be capable of driving these speakers.

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Re: SCM 11s and Sugden A21

Postby saureign » Wed Mar 14, 2018 9:10 am

based on ... index.html
I would try a different amplifier.
Maybe, for low listening level, it may work. But it won't unlock the full potential of sm11. I was satisfied of scm11 performance, when partnered with Naim XS and flat cap XS power supply. I also suggest Exposure 3010s, Plinius 9100/9200 or Naim Supernait. The best match: obviously ATC SIA-150.
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Re: SCM 11s and Sugden A21

Postby Muser » Wed Mar 14, 2018 9:15 pm

I agree with Saureign, with a quibble.

The Sugden might be a bit underpowered to unleash the full range of dynamics - I would expect that to be so. I had an earlier iteration of passive 20s (a bigger driver to control) and drove that with 11 watts of push pull tube power. It sounded marvelous in the quieter sections of a classical music piece - no longer recall the music - but when a crescendo hit, the soundstage and music disintegrated / and clipped like a train wreck, before resuming a beautiful sound. With smaller ensembles it was never less than wonderful. However, that's not what I typically listen to. You'll need to survey your taste to know what you want reproduced well.

The Sugden's class "A" power will probably drive the 11s in a smaller room with lower volume very nicely. However, the full range of dynamics that many, myself included, appreciate with ATC speakers won't be fully served.

I've tried mixing and matching amplifiers with quite a few of ATC's passive speakers over a long period of time. My experience is that it is wrong headed to read a specification sheet for "watts" to determine a match. Not every amplifier delivers the same experience of power. I can't explain why that is so, just that that was my experience. The SIA200 integrated and SPA200 amplifier both drove passive 35s and passive 20s, respectively, beautifully. The 35s were in a large room with high ceilings. Any of ATCs amplifiers will serve the 11s, frankly.

Good luck with your hunt.
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