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Re: They're back

Postby AndyU » Sun Jan 06, 2019 1:40 pm

darrenyeats wrote:Brad, whilst we're asking questions ... I always wondered about the 50 Classics, how to take them off the stands.

Is the sticky double sided tape too sticky just to lift the speakers straight off whilst stepping on the stand? I have no idea, never tried!

OTOH if it's very sticky, I still worry that tipping over the speaker together with stand, would be too unstable and cause the speaker and stand to come apart mid-tipping!

What's the safe way?

My 100s had some rubber strip on the stands. It seemed to be stuck to the stands with double sided, but there was nothing sticking it to the speakers, though the compression of the speakers meant I could tilt the speakers+stands a modest amount if I was careful.

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Re: They're back

Postby cmh56 » Sun Jan 06, 2019 6:51 pm

Good evening to all,

On my 50 the original rubber band sticks to the feet but not to the speakers (even after removing the white band covering it)

The problem is rather that this rubber in the long run gets stuck irregularly and that the acoustic axis goes up (or down)
but more towards the listener. :o

Someone knows what to replace this band of rubber for it to adhere and that it is understood regularly? :?:

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