What amp for the SCM19?

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Re: What amp for the SCM19?

Postby Brad Lunde » Fri Apr 14, 2017 6:34 pm

AlbigAl wrote:lol.....must be the Pass amps maybe ?....the scm 40 doesnt have a sl bassdriver , does it ?.....and i admit active is still superior ...i do compare a lot however and the differences between biamping an old scm 19 and putting an amppack on them is very very small. In this case the Pass amps vs the Atc amps and on the other hand the phasing can be done better actively....no matter we agree or disagree(hifi guys always do)...the voicing of a loudspeaker is never the same, so we cant compare scm40s ans scm19s at all. Now to get the ball roling ;) You know what?
Every speakerdesigner knows building a 3way is impossible :D :D ....but they will never admit it...cheers again

The advantages of active over passive are many and the difference in amplifiers themselves (ATC amp vs an outboard amp of whatever brand) is actually the smallest part of the difference IMHO.

One example: The differences in a passive speaker system become greater with heat, so the longer the speaker plays, the more things diverge from optimal. All passives have driver/crossover interaction that change as the driver(s) change temperature. What a passive sounds like cold is not what it sounds like hot.

There are many intertwined engineering obstacles. ATC hand made drivers are part of what makes ATC passives speakers unique. Because of the driver design, ATC passives have far fewer heat issues than other speakers. This is impossible to demo in the home but is a very real experience, found in studios. The mix you did at the end of the day (on hot speakers) suddenly sounds "different" in the morning when you start up (with a cold speaker). Almost all ATC studio users talk about how this does not happen with ATC but is a huge issue with other brands.

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