Why differences in reading the bits

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Re: Why differences in reading the bits

Postby AndyU » Fri Jun 03, 2016 5:11 pm

St_Antoine wrote:Hi Andy,

Thanks for your suggestion. I did the ripping with dBpoweramp in wav format.

I live in HK and space is luxury here. I will need to divorce my wife first before, I can put a laptop in the living room for music playing. It will look awful from an aesthetics point of view. Besides, each time I want to play digital music, I need to switch on the computer, open files etc... a bit troublesome.

Changing the DAC will have the same effect: the reading from the Oppo will be inferior to the Cyrus'.

My Hugo is not yet one year old, and I don't intend to change it in the very near future. I am a bit tight financially.

For curiosity, what is your system like? How do you connect the source to the TT. The sound quality is better because of the xlr connection to the speakers?


Hi Antoine, I wasn't suggesting a permanent switch to a laptop, just to use it as an experiment with a few good rips.

You need to get to the bottom of why you are hearing these differences and trying a different source, just for an evening, might help you. I'd also suggest trying the same optical cable for both your CD player and your Oppo - Rob Watts, the designer of the Hugo, has said that optical is the best sounding input for the Hugo. He also says that, while he prefers optical, some people prefer coax which has a brighter sound due to some issues with ground plane noise I think. He posts very helpfully on head-fi, so look there for the full explanation from the horses mouth. Or even ask him yourself. And try only having one source connected at a time to avoid potential noise issues.

When I had a Hugo TT I used a small fanless laptop running JRiver as my source, and connected that to the TT with USB. Again, if you dig through Rob Watts posts on head-fi you will see what he says the advantages of the TT are. It has galvanic isolation on the USB input, a better power supply and some other stuff I've forgotten etc..

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Re: Why differences in reading the bits

Postby stringer » Fri Jun 02, 2017 10:53 am

Hi Antoine,

i have also a hugo and i prefer it on the coaxial input. I'm using it with a naim nd5xs, but i have found that a bluesound node is a cheaper and very effective transport alternative.
the bluesound node is very simple to use , is also quite small , won't take much space and supports many streaming services ( Qobuz, Tidal) and can be used with Roon

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