CDA2 mkii unity gain and sub connections

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CDA2 mkii unity gain and sub connections

Postby Alastair » Tue Jun 25, 2019 2:02 pm

Hi all,

Hopefully an easy set of questions to answer, any comments appreciated!

Can I presume unity gain for an analogue input on my CDA2 Mkii is when the volume control is set to 3 o’clock? I say this because that’s how the CA2 works.

Just thinking of avoiding two runs of cables to the 100s if I include the cda2 in the signal path when playing HT / TV content.

Also as I edit, if I decide to run my C6 from my CDA2 as well as my Emotiva pre, is it feasible to have a cable made up to connect from both pre out L and R single ended outputs, to one of the xlr inputs on the C6? I realise that I can’t then run both the CDA2 and Emotiva at the same time (HT) without disconnecting the Xlr from the CDA2 that feeds the C6.

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