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Postby Dogill » Mon May 13, 2019 8:15 pm

Just to report that ATC in my view had " best sound of the show " with the piano black 100SEs.

Ironically Kii Three was only a few doors away.

I made the representative of Kii play one of my favourite tracks for showing ATC qualities : Freeze All Motor Functions from Westworld ( I really recommend this dramatic track from the composer of Game of Thrones music ) . It sounded anaemic on the Kiis even with their new BXT units.
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Re: Munich

Postby MattSPL » Mon May 13, 2019 9:18 pm

Thanks for the feedback, I keep hearing great things about the ATC SE line.
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Re: Munich

Postby MevDinc » Wed May 15, 2019 11:30 pm

Not surprising Matt, SE versions are very special! :D

Thanks for the feedback Dogill, I agree with you fully.
I had a chance to listen to both the Kiis and the D&D 8Cs in London, and neither can match the true dynamics and the headroom the ATC speakers posses.
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