What Center with the SCM20

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Re: What Center with the SCM20

Postby MattSPL » Fri Jan 29, 2016 2:24 pm

Mariner wrote:I already have it !
Fortunately i was able to pick it up, because the seller lives only 160km away from me ! :D

That sounds like a great find :D
Feel free to post some pictures for us :D

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Re: What Center with the SCM20

Postby studioman » Fri Nov 04, 2016 2:28 pm

Very pleased to hear you got the centre speaker of your choice.

You might be interested in another thread too.....where I am discussing with others the feasibility of having separate preamps for AV and Stereo, both connected seamlessly to my SCM150 Active ATCs. The AV preamp will then also supply a 3-channel power amp which will feed the 2 rear surround speakers and the centre speaker.

Currently I have separate setups:

1. My current Panasonic AV Receiver has integrated power amps feeding a 5.1 speaker setup (4 old but wonderful Philips bookshelf speakers with ribbon tweeters, plus a Linn centre speaker, plus a subwoofer.
2. My current stereo setup involves an SPL pre (with balanced outputs) which currently goes to some speakers which I am soon to get rid of.

What I am moving towards:

I am going to keep the SPL preamp for stereo duties, and the AV setup I am moving over to is a Naim AV2 and Naim NAP175 3 channel power amp. I am hoping to use a COMBINER to feed both preamp outputs into my ATC SCM150s.

Clearly I will turn OFF whichever setup I am not using, but this should work without me needing to 'switch the ATC input manually' with a switch box or by changing cables.

But I am also looking at some other possibilities. I put the same suggestion on the DIYAudio forum and am getting some alternative replies there, BUT...you guys know ATC, and I would be more confident with an answer on ATCForums!

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