Apple Could Intro Connected HDTV By 2012 Says Analyst

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Apple Could Intro Connected HDTV By 2012 Says Analyst

Postby ben0635 » Sun Apr 04, 2010 10:31 pm

Gene Munster, an analyst with Piper Jaffray, says Apple’s next move could be to enter the HDTV space with an all-in-one $2,000 connected set.

In a note to investors earlier this week, analyst Gene Munster said that it makes perfect strategic sense for Apple to enter the connected HDTV market. Rather than trying to make the currently existing Apple TV worthwhile, Munster says they’ve got to start from the ground up.

Connected TVs are big, and they’re quickly becoming the only kind of HDTV available, but all connected TVs aren’t equal. “As connected TVs gain traction, software, content and portability will become the key differentiators,” says Munster. “Apple is uniquely positioned to deliver a premium all-in-one solution.”

His belief is that Apple will create a $2,000 television that includes an iTunes style interface and unlimited subscription based viewing. By charging between $50 and $90 a month, he says, users would no longer need to pay for cable.

The coolest thing about the idea is that users with the subscription service would likely be able to watch their content anywhere with the use of an iPhone or iPad.

Would it work? Maybe. The idea is sound, and the idea of having a library of on demand content is exciting, but don’t get too excited about ditching cable. Remember, if this hits, you’ll still need to pay for the internet to support it, which will most likely come from your current cable provider.

With Netflix and Hulu providing similar content at a much lower price (and without the need for a special TV) it seems like Munster’s Apple TV might have a hard time competing now, let alone two years from now.

Source: Apple Insider
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